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Carmen Cook grew up in Montana, riding horses and dreaming of life beyond the mountains. As soon as she could, she started traveling, heading across the country for college and backpacking through Europe before finally earning a fine arts degree and throwing down roots in the Pacific Northwest.  It wasn’t long before her imagination started running away with her and she started writing.

She’s a former member of Romance Writers of America, the Greater Seattle Chapter of Romance Writers of America, and a current board member of Writers for Diversity. Through these organizations she’s served as the conference chair of the Emerald City Writers’ Conference as well as on various advisory boards and committees, all of which have allowed her to hone her passion for connecting with writers at all skill levels. She’s utilized her professional skills to develop workshops on branding, body language and how to think of your writing as your business from the start of your career.

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“Local romance readers, like those around the rest of the world, are some of the most accomplished women (and men) out there and aren’t afraid to go after what they want, finding love and joy in everything.” 




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