Book One in the Sapphire Creek series

Newly divorced and currently unemployed, Regan Sinclair is having a tough year. And she’s about to return to the small Montana town her younger self couldn’t wait to leave. While she’s excited to reconnect with her friends and sisters, she swears it’s only until she figures out next steps. But putting Sapphire Creek behind her—again—gets harder when she sees her best friend’s brother. The boy she kissed and then left without a word.

Security consultant Gavin McCabe is a simple guy. He’s got solid friends, a couple of incredible kids, and a business built from the ground up. Life is trucking along as planned—until Regan reappears and knocks him flat on his ass. Now all bets are off. Years ago he let her walk away without a fight, he won’t make that mistake again.

But Regan’s meddling parents and interfering ex seem determined to stand in Gavin’s way. And those problems are only the beginning. Because while Regan and Gavin’s feelings are growing, so is an unexpected danger in their usually sleepy town. To claim their second chance, they’ll have to risk everything.



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A Sapphire Creek series novella

Chief of Police, Connor McCabe is in the middle of one of the toughest cases Sapphire Creek has ever seen. But what’s really weighing on his mind is his wife, Bethany. She’s been acting strange for weeks, even before the Thanksgiving disaster, and he’s not sure why. He’s made plans for a romantic weekend away, but the investigation keeps threatening to interfere.


Bethany McCabe is a planner. She had to be in order to get her life back on track after an unplanned pregnancy twelve years earlier fast tracked their plans for the future. Now Bethany has a successful business, a family she adores, and everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. But with yet another unplanned baby on the way, Bethany needs to figure out how to get Connor alone before he finds out the news from everyone else.

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Book Two in the Sapphire Creek series

Shattered by a tragic accident that took the lives of her closest friends and bandmates, Erin Chase needs a place to grieve while she decides what to do next. But privacy is hard to come by when you’ve grown up in the public eye and are considered America’s Sweetheart. Sapphire Creek, Montana always allows her a certain amount of anonymity, so it’s the natural place to lay low while reconnecting with her grandfather and friends, giving her time to sort through her feelings without the pressures of her chosen career.

With his military service completed, Zach Ward returns to Sapphire Creek, ready to settle into simple small-town life. He’s adopted a rescue mutt that isn’t all that bright, started a business and is working to reconnect with his community. But simple is tossed out the window when he finds himself on the front page of a tabloid, looking very cozy with a certain superstar.

Erin might be used to being the center of attention, but Zach works best in the shadows. When a criminal element invades Sapphire Creek and threatens her life, it’s up to Zach to keep her safe until she returns to her regular life. Unless he can convince her to stay.

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