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Whether You've been Naughty or Nice...

Who doesn't love books??

As 2019 comes to an end, I want to celebrate with all of you. I've partnered with the wonderful Dawn Baca to bring you some free reads to help you get through the holidays.

But first, don't forget that you can pre-order Coming Home now. I can't wait to bring you Erin and Zach's story.

Click on the links below to pre-order your copy today.

Amazon: Everywhere Else:

Meet Dawn

I love wine. All wine. Sweet, bold, heavy, light. White, red, bubbles, it doesn’t matter I’m always up for wine tasting. Just like with book covers, a pretty label will draw me in, and then the blurb finalizes the sale.

I love to travel. By land, by air or by sea. It doesn’t matter. I prefer the sea’s as I love water, and warmth. It seems like I feel like I’m freezing every time I’m in the mountains. I love foreign destinations and culturally diverse foods and eat them often even when at home.

I love to read. I read pretty much most genre’s. I don’t have a favorite book or genre. I re-read some books more than once. To me it’s like reconnecting with old friends. Sometimes they call to me, and I just need to hear their voices so to speak.

I offer a free copy of my first book Her Guarded Heart to anyone who joins my newsletter and blogs through either directly through my website, or through any of the group promotions that I’m often participating in such as the ones listed below.

I have two books out, Her Guarded Heart, and Her Heart’s Desire, they are currently available on most major platforms and can be found here: books2read.com/HerGuardedHeart and books2read.com/HerHeartsDesire

My next book His Heart’s Promise will be up for pre-order shortly. I’m working on that now.

My bio can be found on my website here www.dawnbaca.com/about

Thanks so much to Dawn for stopping by and introducing herself to all of you! You can keep up with Dawn at the following sites:

Website URL: www.DawnBaca.com

Social media links:

Facebook: facebook.com/DawnMBaca

Twitter:  twitter.com/BacaDawn  

YouTube: youtube.com/c/DawnBaca

Pinterest:  pinterest.com/dawnmbaca


Amazon:  amazon.com/-/e/B07886PQL9

And even more free  reads!

Hearts & Flowers - Sweet Romance Giveaway November 25 - January 06


Just Romance December 01 - December 31


Free for All December 01 - January 31


Winter Romance Reads Sale December 28 -  February 29


No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, or even if you chose to skip it all together, I want to take a moment to thank you for being part of this crazy journey with me. I appreciate each and every one of you and can't wait to share all the exciting things I have planned for 2020!

Happy New Year! Carmen


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