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Hi all! Well, there's a new blog format, which meant all the previous blog posts are no longer showing up here. If you're looking for them, you're in luck! I pinned them all over on my Pinterest page on the "Carmen" board. If you're a Pinterest type fanatic, feel free to follow me over there. You'll see some inspiration for the Bitterroot Tavern as well as some other fun items. I admit I don't allow myself to go down that rabbit hole all that often because I'll go over looking for inspiration on lake houses and find myself pinning hairstyles for Victorian ladies. I've never been able to figure out how I get from one to the next, but it happens EVERY TIME!

Have you checked out Book+Main yet? This is an awesome new site just for romance readers and authors. It provides you a way to search for new books/authors based on themes you're looking for. For example, say you just finished the recent Devney Perry book and want another one set in Montana. You'd just go to B+M and search "Montana" (or #Montana) and you'll get a list of bites that use that hashtag or metadata description. Each "bite' is a snippet or sample from a book, so you can give it a quick read to see if you like the authors voice or if the story catches your interest. It's an amazing tool to check out.

Of course, I have all the usual SM pages, you can click on the links at the bottom of this page. I'll be back in a couple days to talk about how I use those sites.

What's the #SocialMedia site you use the most?


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