• Carmen Cook

Self-Care: What's in it for you?

Happy June!! My day job has gone completely cray-cray all of a sudden, so I took a little break from the blog, but rest assured, I'm here and still thinking about balancing it all. Actually, I'm shifting focus just a little bit into self-care.

It's become a popular phrase, with people using self-care as something of a sword they wield, whether it's protecting the time they set aside to do something for themselves, or as a defense of doing something extravagant just for them. Whatever it looks like for them, I'm not going to judge. For me, self-care is REALLY hard. I'm a natural care taker, I feel fulfilled when I "do" for others. But it can't all be one sided. That sounds really obvious, I know, but I need to remind myself. Out loud. A lot.

It's actually sort of pathetic that I need to remind myself so frequently, but there you have it.

So, now, I'm working to define what self-care looks like for myself. It doesn't have to be grand gestures, although those are fun, they aren't practical for me on a regular basis. As anyone who has followed my Instagram feed for any period of time knows, I love my garden. Or the #revengegarden as I've dubbed it. (There's a story there.) Since I enjoy spending time out there doing everything from picking at the plants to pulling weeds, I'm really going to start looking that the time and efforts I devote as a form of self-care. Just being aware that that space and time is mine will hopefully remind me that I'm making those efforts to make ME happy. No one else. And really, what else can we ask for with our self-care, but our own enjoyment?

Do you have things you do just for yourself?

In other news, I'm working away on a short story that will be included in an anthology this Fall. I'll give more details on that when I have them, so stay tuned.

And, Coming Home is actually coming along...slowly. I had an idea, but I was trying to keep a certain character out of the mix. It's becoming so incredibly obvious this story can't be told without him, so I'm going back and restructuring. Once again, when I have specific details, you will be the first to know...including a peek at the cover.


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