• Carmen Cook

Sales, Giveaways, and promo - oh my!

This Sunday's Revenge Garden reading is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

Are you following me over on Instagram so you'll get notifications when I go live (which, is only Sundays at 10 am Pacific)? I'd love it if you would.


I've also signed up for a couple of Book Funnel promos this month. If you want to find new-to-you authors, this is the BEST way to do it.

the first is for fans of Second Chance Romances.


the second is a more generic, falling in love with Romance.


and the third, Giving Thanks for Romance


Click on all those links to find an assortment of awesomeness! :-)

AND, last but not least, is a Secret Santa Facebook party over in the Dangerously Dark Darlings Facebook group. I participated in one of her giveaways a couple of months ago and it was so much fun! Tons of authors stopping by throughout the day to give things away. If you love reading (and I know you do) you're not going to want to miss this opportunity.


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