• Carmen Cook

Now What? Post ECWC scramble...

I was thinking about it this morning. For the past several years, the end of October has found me scrambling around, my head full of new ideas and excited to implement all the new things I learned while attending this kick ass romance conference. This year is no different.

But, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, I finally feel like these are all things I can manage. This morning I added all the people who signed up for my newsletter while stopping at my table during the Passport to Romance reader event.

Which, can we take a minute to talk about how awesome that event is? It's a huge party where authors and readers can get to know one another in a low pressure, fun environment. We give things away, we laugh (a lot!) and by the end of the night we kick off our shoes and bask in the sheer joy of the romance community.

And, apparently...we leave our shoes behind. Oh, maybe that's just me...

This weekend was full of making connections, strengthening relationships and overcoming obstacles. Much like these books we write and read.

ECWC has been a huge part of my journey as an author, and I want to thank everyone (past and present) who has made it such an amazing success.

Here's to the next 30 years!


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