• Carmen Cook

Looking ahead to 2021

I'm listening to the 2020 Archwell Studio Holiday Special (yes, it's the podcast from Harry & Meghan, which is so lovely and uplifting...and ends with the cutest baby giggles!). As I'm listening to the inspiring guests reflect on the challenges of 2020, I decided I wanted to focus on everything I've accomplished this year. Because, when I sat down and thought about it, it's been a LOT. (And I bet you've accomplished a lot too - even if most of it was in your house.)

While I didn't hit my original goals thanks to the pandemic, I did write a short story for an upcoming anthology (cover reveal on Monday, so check back or sign up for my newsletter to get the first glimpse), started grad school, and started the IGTV series, Reading from the Revenge Garden (every Sunday at 10 am Pacific on Instagram).

A year ago I was trying to decide on my word for the year. The word I would keep in mind as I navigated the challenges (HA! If I only knew what was to come) that would be tossed my way. My 2020 word was JOY. And...well...that posed some unexpected challenges.

But, I worked hard to keep JOY at the forefront of my mind as the world navigated 2020. I focused on the little things and made it a point to celebrate as often as I could.

I'm thrilled to have developed that habit and plan to carry it with me into the new year.

And now, as I'm reflecting and trying to decide on a new word for 2021 I'm weighing all the things yet to come. The goals I've set for myself. (I can honestly say picking JOY last year is making me think long and hard on the word for this next year!)

I think I've got it. COMMIT. No more half-assing anything. No more fear of what might not work out, or what if it does...

What are you looking forward to next year? What are you planning to do to elevate yourself to the next level and make your dreams come true?


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