• Carmen Cook

How do you do it? Routines

As summer vacation hit my house and the boys are still asleep rather than racing around trying to get ready and out the door for school, I realized my routine is once again changing. These changes in routine over the past couple of years have had a huge impact on my productivity as a writer. I'm not a natural early bird, but I've discovered that my creative brain is much more active in the mornings, so I'd get up and get my words done before the guys got up. That became more difficult as the boys schedules shifted and they are getting up earlier and earlier too. Not that they need me the same way they did when they were younger, but one won't eat if I'm not on top of things, and the other might wander off toward school without his shoes just because he's distracted by his book (gee, that sounds familiar...)

So as things are once again shifting, I realize I can have my quiet mornings back for the next couple of months. This means I need to set goals for myself so I can actually use this time to the best of my ability rather than simply basking in the glory of the silence...like I'm doing this morning. Whoops.

It's time for me to go back and review Bria Quinlan's guest post about setting goals and put those things into action. Then, as Tess Thompson would say: #ButtInSeat time.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

More soon,



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