• Carmen Cook

Doing It All - Finding A Balance

I'd meant to post this yesterday but, in true fashion, I started getting text messages from the #dayjob super early with a couple fires that needed my immediate attention, the dishwasher started leaking the night before so I had to hand wash all the left over dinner dishes, and I just flat out ran out of time before tossing the kiddo in the car for school and racing to the office.

Sound familiar? I've often been told that I...well, not that I need help, but that people are amazed by the sheer amount of things I do. I volunteer in high level positions in my RWA group, I have a demanding day job, I chase my boys and hubby around doing my best to keep up with all their activities, and, last but certainly not least, I write. It can be a tough thing to balance, but I look around and know I'm not alone in all this juggling. I remember being at an RWA conference in Orlando and talking to friends, all of us planning out our days. I mentioned I was going to attend a workshop of "Doing It All" (I don't remember if that was the actual title of the panel, but that was the topic). One of my friends looked at me and said, "Yes! You should go to that workshop. Hell, you should teach that workshop!"

Here's the thing, we're all busy in some way. It's not for me (or anyone) to validate my type of busy as being more important than yours. Each one of us is trying to accomplish something, and the challenges we face while on that journey are real and valid. Whether you have kids or not, work outside the house or not, travel the world or are a consummate homebody, we all try to balance our priorities and do things that bring us joy. The difficulty seems to come when there are a lot of things that bring us joy. How do we prioritize one over the other? Figuring out that THIS was the question I was trying to answer was like a light bulb for me. Not that I needed to cut something out, but I love all of these things, so how can I give them all the time and attention to do them well? That's what we'll be exploring.

These blogs aren't going to give the answers (oh, if only they could!) on how to strike this perfect balance. This is something that will take work and that work will look differently for each of us. Over the next few weeks we'll chat with some amazing guest bloggers who will offer tips and tricks and maybe, just maybe, we can all find a way to be a bit kinder to ourselves about this journey we're on.

Until then, are there any pieces of this balancing act that you'd love some outside thoughts on?


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