• Carmen Cook

But the house...

As the boys are (finally) nearing the end of their school year, the state of my house is a disaster. Things are coming home from school, we're backed up on laundry (a constant state it seems), camp items need to head back to the shed and there's just stuff everywhere. I've long ago realized that a messy house gets in the way of my getting-things-done mojo, but I've only just discovered that it seems to be impacting the teen the same way. (This was discovered during an "I should be studying for finals" cleaning frenzy, which overlapped with my "I need for finish this story" scrubbing.)

Realizing that this outside chaos impacts my ability to focus and be creative was a huge step in helping me meet the deadlines and goals I've set up for myself--although it's not always possible for me to escape the craziness of my house and head for the neighborhood coffee shop. That's something I'm still trying to work out a solution to. But, recognizing the problem is the first step, right? ;-)

Do you have any tips for focusing on your work when the outside world tries to snag your attention?


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