• Carmen Cook

Back to the jungle...er...real life

After a couple weeks in NYC with the family and then the RWA conference, I am finally getting back into the groove of my every day life. And let me tell you, reentry was TOUGH this time around.

I don't know if it's because I was gone for so long, combining the vacation and conferencing stuff, then back into the busy time at the day job or what was different this time, but yikes.

As a result, I've backslid from any type of self care or doing for myself. Which isn't a terrible thing because getting back into my groove is a part of self care, but it wasn't enough.

I've been challenged this week to do 5 deliberate things for myself over the next 7 days.

And, frankly, I'm at a little bit of a loss. How can I do that when I have 8 million pounds of laundry to get through, meals to make, words to get on the page...and the excuses go on and on.

For me, it's all about being deliberate and planning. And it's going to take some work for me. So, Tuesday, I'm going to a signing for my amazing friend, Olivia Waite. That counts. After I get my words down today (and if the rain lets up) I'll go for a walk. I also have a new book I'm dying to read, but that will wait until my words are done.

Little things, but I'm doing them for me. For the sheer joy of doing them.

What are you doing for yourself this week?


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